Sunday, January 17, 2010

Burn, Malaysia, burn to the ground! You "peaceful moderate" Islamic maggots are doing a heck of a job showing the world that you are just like all the other stinking Islamic shithole countries

18 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Fadhal A. Ghani: A network of terror: Al-Qaeda group was also active in mosques and NGOs

17 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Fadhal A. Ghani: Terror plot foiled

10 JUN 2010: Dr. Lim Teck Ghee: Malaysia: A ‘bankrupt’ nation?

07 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah: Tom yam link to Thai bombings

27 MAY 2010: Dr. Lim Teck Ghee: Economic tsunami heading our way

13 APR 2010: Helen Ang: Unspoken truth behind Muhyiddin’s ‘small fry’ remark

02 APR 2010: The Malaysian Insider: Muslim lawyers challenge Sultan’s decision (This Jihad against the Sultan is the opening salvo in the Malay civil war, in which the totally-Islamized faction of the Malay race, turned into race traitors by Islam, attack the ultimate living symbol and power of their own race's Islamically-impure culture and history. This is what you get when Islam takes hold: Jihad against your own people, blood against blood, family against family, friend against friend.)

02 APR 2010: Free Malaysia Today: Push for Sabah, S'wak's independence: Next stop UN

31 MAR 2010: Al Jazeera video, transcribed by Chinese, Indian feel discriminated against, don’t talk shit says Perkasa:

19 JAN 2010: Free Malaysia Today: US threatens sanctions over missing jets and church attacks

18 JAN 2010: The Straits Times: Leslie Lopez (via The Malaysian Insider): Bringing foreign capital back to KL

18 JAN 2010: The Malaysian Insider: Malaysia’s subsidy dilemma

17 JAN 2010: M. Bakri Musa: Early skirmishes of a Malay civil war

15 JAN 2010: Anil Netto: Another church in Seremban targeted

13 JAN 2010: Free Malaysia Today: Money leaving Malaysia in massive amounts and bizarre fashion

11 JAN 2010: Asia Sentinel: Malaysia's Disastrous Capital Flight

11 JAN 2010: Asia Times Online: Ioannis Gatsiounis: Bombs tarnish Malaysia's terror record

08 JAN 2010: Malaysia Today: Donkey Kong: We get it, Allah is your God, not ours

08 JAN 2010: BUUUUURRRRNING HOT: Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’

Monday, January 11, 2010

Their silence speaks volumes

If this

is how "moderate" slaves of Allah "bravely stand up" to the English Defence League toughs, who still have the scruples to leave that woman alone, do you seriously think that the "moderate" slaves of Allah will "bravely stand up" to the murderous fundamentalist slaves of Allah like this lot