Sunday, January 17, 2010

Burn, Malaysia, burn to the ground! You "peaceful moderate" Islamic maggots are doing a heck of a job showing the world that you are just like all the other stinking Islamic shithole countries

18 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Fadhal A. Ghani: A network of terror: Al-Qaeda group was also active in mosques and NGOs

17 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Fadhal A. Ghani: Terror plot foiled

10 JUN 2010: Dr. Lim Teck Ghee: Malaysia: A ‘bankrupt’ nation?

07 JUN 2010: New Straits Times: Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah: Tom yam link to Thai bombings

27 MAY 2010: Dr. Lim Teck Ghee: Economic tsunami heading our way

13 APR 2010: Helen Ang: Unspoken truth behind Muhyiddin’s ‘small fry’ remark

02 APR 2010: The Malaysian Insider: Muslim lawyers challenge Sultan’s decision (This Jihad against the Sultan is the opening salvo in the Malay civil war, in which the totally-Islamized faction of the Malay race, turned into race traitors by Islam, attack the ultimate living symbol and power of their own race's Islamically-impure culture and history. This is what you get when Islam takes hold: Jihad against your own people, blood against blood, family against family, friend against friend.)

02 APR 2010: Free Malaysia Today: Push for Sabah, S'wak's independence: Next stop UN

31 MAR 2010: Al Jazeera video, transcribed by Chinese, Indian feel discriminated against, don’t talk shit says Perkasa:

19 JAN 2010: Free Malaysia Today: US threatens sanctions over missing jets and church attacks

18 JAN 2010: The Straits Times: Leslie Lopez (via The Malaysian Insider): Bringing foreign capital back to KL

18 JAN 2010: The Malaysian Insider: Malaysia’s subsidy dilemma

17 JAN 2010: M. Bakri Musa: Early skirmishes of a Malay civil war

15 JAN 2010: Anil Netto: Another church in Seremban targeted

13 JAN 2010: Free Malaysia Today: Money leaving Malaysia in massive amounts and bizarre fashion

11 JAN 2010: Asia Sentinel: Malaysia's Disastrous Capital Flight

11 JAN 2010: Asia Times Online: Ioannis Gatsiounis: Bombs tarnish Malaysia's terror record

08 JAN 2010: Malaysia Today: Donkey Kong: We get it, Allah is your God, not ours

08 JAN 2010: BUUUUURRRRNING HOT: Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’

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