Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The backlash cometh: the Western defensive total war taking shape

10 JUN 2010: Diana West: Wilders: "The Real Winner" in Dutch Elections

08 JUN 2010: Logan's Warning: Oklahoma set to ban Sharia, Muslims not Happy

05 MAY 2010: Logan's Warning: Louisiana Bans Sharia Law!

15 APR 2010: Sean Robsville: Buddhists, Dawkins and Gays worried by Islam in Europe

14 JAN 2010: Crooked in Canada: Toronto 18: Beat Them To Death or Put a Bullet Between Their Eyes

12 JAN 2010: 21st Century British Nationalism: Islamist Apologist Bitch Yasmin-Alibhai-Brown

12 JAN 2010: Up Pompeii: Close monitoring of Muslims in Germany

11 JAN 2010: Sultan Knish: Israel's Muslim Problem is Not Unique

10 JAN 2010: Home of the Green Arrow and Friends: What is happening in Wootton Basset?

09 JAN 2010: Vlad Tepes: England’s resistance picks up steam

09 JAN 2010: Logan's Warning: Italy: 100 Italians Armed with Pipes go After Illegals!

06 JAN 2010: National Post: Mosque attack probed as hate crime

06 JAN 2010: The Palestine Telegraph: 2009 in Review: The European Muslim Perspective

05 JAN 2010: Gates of Vienna: Trouble is Brewing in Culemborg

04 JAN 2010: Infidel Blogger's Alliance: Bomb Found Next to Koran in Texas

03 JAN 2010: Logan's Warning: O.C. Islamic Educational Center Target of Anti-Muslim Acts

30 DEC 2009: Pro-British National Party promotional video:

29 DEC 2009: Winds of Jihad: Up in Smoke

28 DEC 2009: Ghost of a flea: Kicking off

28 DEC 2009: Infidel Blogger's Alliance: 'It's always the same these days. One rule for them and another for us. I'm sick of this country,'

17 DEC 2009: English Defence League recruitment video:

15 DEC 2009: Planck's Constant: 2012 and the End of the World

15 DEC 2009: Gates of Vienna: So Bad Even the NYT Notices

15 DEC 2009: British National Party: Is the Swiss Minaret Vote the Opening Salvo in Europe’s Fight Back against Islamic Colonisation?

14 DEC 2009: Home of the Green Arrow and Friends: Fighting Talk

14 DEC 2009: Logan's Warning: Islamic Civil War~What’s Coming our way

10 DEC 2009: Buenos Aires Herald: The Swiss v Islam’s bayonets

05 DEC 2009: Kanchan Gupta: Mosques as barracks, minarets as bayonets...

03 DEC 2009: The Other Malaysia: The Pathologisation of Muslims As Everything That is Wrong With Europe

02 DEC 2009: Wigan Patriot: We're led by donkeys

02 DEC 2009: Spectator: It’s not just the Swiss — all Europe is ready to revolt

29 NOV 2009: Telegraph: Swiss voters lied to pollsters, banned minarets: soon the international peasants' revolt could engulf immigration, climate change – and even Dave