Saturday, December 12, 2009

Congratulations! You two in Malaysia are the truly wise ones with a good grasp of the situation

Malaysian commented on a post in Logan's Warning (previously Islam in Action):
Hi everyone.I'm from Malaysia(living in the east part of M'sia)..Now i can see the spreading of Islamization occurs slowly in M'sia and some of the Muslims have become more radical.Lately,around 15000 malay-language Bibles have been confiscated because the use of word "Allah".I know that a lot of westerners don't regard Allah as the one true God but in this case,the word Allah that we use doesn't refer to same Allah that muslim worships..malay language has a lot of borrowing words.Most of the borrowing words come from Arabic language.In malay,we regard Allah as having the same meaning with God.I know that islamic allah is so evil..Plus,there is a tactic used by the government to assign Ulema(person of having islamic knowledge)to teach the non-muslim student in Moral Education subject.It's subject taken by all non-muslim students in primary and secondary school.On the other hand, the muslim students are taking Islamic education.For me,Moral subject is just a crap and useless and the more dangerous is the islamic subject is full of taquiyya and absurdities.The Ulema who is teaching the Moral subject is very dangerous because instead of teaching the true contents of the subject,they lead the non-muslim students astray.They talk about what Islam is.This is horrible for naive one.Some Christian-founded schools in my hometown such as St. Joseph and St. Thomas are half Muslims.That's disgrace.There are many types of tactics used by some groups of people to Islamize the east part of M'sia(Sarawak and Sabah) which is predominantly Christian.But a lot of people are still naive about Islam.some of them think that islam is a beautiful religion because the Malays here(all are muslim) doesn't fully adhere the true teaching of Islam.Most of the malay muslims here can recite the arabic koran but sadly enough,they have no ideas what koran truly tells them.To know the koran contents,they just listen to deceptive Imam. I been researching about Islam and following the issues of Islam perpetrated by Muslim worldwide.I know that we don't have the free speech and the non-muslims are asked to respect islam and not to question malay supremacism but i hope that i can tell about it freely to my friends especially to "not adhere the Islamic teaching" muslims.

The reason for M'sia to be labelled as Moderate Muslim country is because a lot of Muslim here especially malay don't even know how to read the arabic koran,yet to understand it.Most of them don't know the reality of Islam.All they know is just a speech and sermon by taquiyya imam.

The truth is the racism in the west part of M'sia is even more obvious than u can imagine.Although the Prime Minister promotes the unity of M'sian citizens of different races and religions and we have the so-called most colourful cultures,it's far from the truth because the malay muslim supremacism is still on top of priority and can't be questioned.Plus,even though the malay government has promised that there will be equal treat for all regardless of different race,that's bullshit because certain scholarships isn't qualified for Chinese and Indian applicants.Is that equality promised by government?No!..Furthermore,there is no room for Chinese and Indian students to enroll in one of our public uni(Universiti Teknologi Mara).Some non-malay groups has proposed such that the chineses and indians are enabled to enroll in the that uni but the propose is rejected.What a ridiculous act by our government.

Shimshon commented on a post in Malaysia Today:
Again, clearly the May 13 '69 is Malay aggression! It's the Malays who want to spill nonMalay races' blood - then & today!
Only this time, lots of nonMalays would flee this racist country by the droves!

It's disgusting that the Malays & Muslims who've migrated (along with the nonMalays) this "sinking ship", mostly went to nonMuslim lands! By right, they should move to another Muslim countries!!

Muslims actually flee Islamic-whatever, like Sharia, etc - because Islam doesn't deliver! But after going to Kafir lands, they want Sharia, mosques, etc there too; and want that Kafir country under Islamic rule!

This country is generally developed by nonMalays-nonMuslims. The "affirmative action", the socalled "Ketuanan Melayu", "social contract" , "Dasar Ekonomi Baru" or whatever - is the nonMalays literally being slaves, serving the 'Tuan/Master/Lord' Malay-Muslims, getting so little in return, but lots of cursings, (death) threats, abuses, ingratitude, etc. NonMalay-nonMuslims are the ones with very much higher productivity, and who pay more taxes. Even if the Malays seemingly pay much taxes too, they're a "heavily subsidized, sponsored" race!

Like someone said, so say I: I love Malaysia the way Malaysia loves me! &... I love Malaysia, but Malaysia loves me not!

So damn(jahanam) you, Malay-Malaysia! I like most other nonMalays in the last few years, am no more patriotic! You disown me, I disown you!

There's no sense of belonging - so why should nonMalays be patriotic, nationalistic; when the Melayus put their religion and race before the nation, ref. "Untuk Agama(Islam), Bangsa(Melayu) & Negara(M'sia Melayu Punya).

As we all know, Najib's '1Malaysia' is just a slogan - very much like Mahathir's 'Bersih-Cekap-Amanah', and Badawi's 'Cemerlang-Gemilang-Terbilang'!! - It means just the exact opposite!
Well, Shimshon, think of it this way: There are plenty of signs that a mighty anti-Islamic backlash is building all over Western countries and will erupt anytime (see my next post). Those slaves of Allah migrating to the West are basically signing their own death warrants. Let them fulfill their death wish.

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